3 Tips for Making Your Interior Design Content Writing Easier

3 tips for int des cont wrt easier.PNG

As one of my favorite quotes says, “Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a blank piece of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.” (Gene Fowler)

Yeah, pretty much. 

Your interior design blog posts and newsletter articles don't have to be quite that painful, though. Just follow these techniques I’ve learned along the way for making content writing just a little bit easier.

1.    Begin at the end. 

No, I don’t mean write your concluding sentence first. I mean start by thinking about what you ultimately want your reader to walk away with. Do you want them to have a few easy to use tips for styling a coffee table? Or maybe your absolute favorite go-to neutral paint colors. Just remember, though, that no matter what you’re writing about, you’re really introducing yourself to your potential clients. Write as the designer you want them to hire!

2.    Be empathetic.

No matter what you’re writing, never ever forget that real live people will be reading your words. Think of all those terrible Academy Awards speeches where the winners practically bludgeon the audience with their incessant ramblings. Ugh! Aim to write something you would want to read – be brief and to the point, don’t use industry-speak unless you can quickly offer a definition, and for heavens sake, turn on the charm!

3.    Write first, edit later.

Trying to edit as you write is like putting together a puzzle by removing only one piece from the box at a time. Dump it all out on the page first. Get all your thoughts downloaded out of your head. Then and only then, do the real writing work of cutting, rearranging, and rephrasing. 

Writing still might not be your favorite thing, but if you follow these 3 tips, at least it might not be quite so painful - and it won't ruin your makeup with all those drops on your forehead!

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