DMW's Reading List


Did you read a lot over the holidays? 

I certainly did. I galloped through Bridget Jones’s Diary (again!), because it’s never less funny than the first time. I love, love, love to laugh, but I don’t always take the time for things that give me a true belly laugh (although I’ve been known to indulge in a few Jimmy Fallon’s Hashtag Game videos if I’ve had a rough day). 

Of all the business and inspirational reading I did while on vacation, Big Magic by Elisabeth Gilbert (you remember her from Eat, Pray, Love) definitely stood out. I’m not quite finished with it yet, but it’s obvious to me that this will be one of those books that shapes me forever.

Relate-able and transparent as always, Gilbert explores the heart, soul, and mind of the creative in Big Magic. Thankfully, although she’s talking about creative “magic,” she doesn’t come across as ‘woo woo’ and out there. Gilbert encourages us to go on a treasure hunt within ourselves to find the “strange jewels” that are our unique talents and characteristics, and that contribute to our capacity to create.

That alone isn’t so incredibly revolutionary. What really rocks my world is Gilbert’s assertion that our enjoyment of life, our happiness, our childlike delight with the world is utterly dependent upon making this journey into our creative selves. 

She’s just talking about a mindset, of course – looking at every aspect of our lives through the lens of our creativity and our deep need to discover something new and beautiful – but I kind of love that it’s not about success or creating for profit. 

Admittedly, that’s what both you and I do, but sometimes it’s refreshing to just be reminded that discovering, playing, creating are all huge pieces of the very meaning of life.

Have you read Big Magic yet? What were your big takeaways? 

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