Just for fun

I was recently asked to write a few guest posts for a great organization based right here in Charlotte, NC called UNCOMMEN.

Nope, that's not a typo. UNCOMMEN is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging men to be uncommon by being better leaders, husbands, and dads because as they say, "When men win, wives, kids, and society win."

This week, I'm talking about the unlikely way I learned to share the joy my husband and 3 boys  get from watching sports.

Take a quick break from your world of fabric, lighting, and pretties to pop over to UNCOMMEN before the big game this weekend.  http://uncommen.org/share-your-joy/

If your husband is "uncommon" (in a good way!) you can even nominate him for UNCOMMEN's Hall of Fame. And by the way, #gopanthers #panthernation #keeppounding 

I just couldn't resist!