Coming soon! DIY Website Writing Kit for Interior Designers - Are you in???

Why in the world would a professional copywriter like me want people to DIY their website writing?

Great question. It boils down to this:

I really, really, REALLY want interior designers to have great websites, no matter what their budget is. 

Hiring a copywriter isn't cheap (not if you hire a good one, anyway) and I know not every designer is in a position to do that when they need their site written or rewritten. 

So I decided to create a workbook-style guide so that designers can DIY their sites' copywriting.

This isn't a course and it isn't useless surface level writing advice. This is a get-it-done kit that walks you through the process of writing your website so that it's optimized and targeted toward your ideal clients; a site that tells who you are and what you do, but also speaks directly to the pain points of your ideal clients so they'll see themselves in the words on your website. 

Which means they'll totally call you and hire you to make their homes amazing!

Before I roll this baby out, I wanted to give you a chance to get in on the ground floor. If you go here and leave me your contact info, I'll let you know when the kit is ready to roll. 

Sound good?

If you just can't stand the thought of doing the writing yourself, don't despair. I'm taking a limited number of website writing clients in 2017 and I'm booking now. Just go here and drop me a line if you want to snag a spot before they're gone. 

We'll get it done together, one way or the other! 

All the best,