So what makes Deb Mitchell Writing different?

Message First Marketing

The 'magic' of our copywriting and content marketing service lies in our 'message first' marketing approach.

That means we invest time and effort up front - before any writing begins - to drill down into what your message is... and if you don't have a clear message that fits you to a 'T' and makes sense with your business goals, we help you create one!

All of the website copy and content we write for you flows out of that core message, authentically differentiating your business from other designer firms and speaking directly to the clients who need you.

We're on Your Team

And because we're not divas about our writing, you'll feel free to ask questions and talk through your project with us all along the way. It's not about our writing - it's about your business.

Believe it or not, we actually make getting your copy and content writing done a truly happy experience! No 'How do I tell them I need some edits?!' worries; no awkward standoffs about word choice; no walking away feeling you didn't get what you thought you would.

Working with us is all about partnering together to help you speak with clarity and confidence about your brand in the marketplace through your copy and content. Go, Team You! 

About Deb

 Deb Mitchell, Copywriter, Content Marketer, & Brand Messaging Strategist

Deb Mitchell, Copywriter, Content Marketer, & Brand Messaging Strategist

When a friend and mentor asked me years ago who I most wanted to work with, my answer - interior designers - took me by surprise.

As a freelance writer at the time for local and regional lifestyle publications in the Charlotte, NC area, I'd met and written about dozens of designers and their clients' homes. Still, I couldn't imagine how I could possibly build a business around helping them achieve their business goals.

That was nearly 10 years ago and now, two years after launching a writing service that caters exclusively to interior designers, I spend every day crafting website copy and content marketing that elevates my clients' brands and drives their businesses forward. In creating my dream job, I get so much joy from working with some of my favorite people on the planet and being a part of their team as they attract more and more of the work they most love to do.

My varied background in retail management, book publishing, magazine article writing, and interior design sales all go into the mix for my clients, which in addition to interior designers, include fine artists, business coaches, and furnishings industry product designers.