Our Process

No matter what we work on together, I take the time up front - before any writing begins - to understand you, your brand, and your goals for your business.


Phase 1

Over a scheduled call, we'll dig deeply into what's happening in your business, who your clients are, and what you need to achieve with your copywriting and content marketing efforts.

Phase 1 is truly so much fun for us both as we unpack everything that's bothering you about your business, celebrate your achievements together, and look deeply into why love doing what you do!


Phase 2

After our call, I take the raw materials I've gleaned from our conversation and cook up ideas for your copy and/or content. Along the way, I'll send you snippets to review and comment on so we're sure to be on the same page with the direction I take for your writing.

Phase 3

Once the drafts are finished, we schedule a call to review them together so you're able to ask any questions you may have or request any needed changes in real time. I then implement any edits and send you the polished final copy. For blog posts, I offer an option for data entry onto your blog.

For consultation services (where I won't be doing the actual writing implementation for you), I create a detailed written report of my insights and recommendations that fully equips you to soar with your copy or content strategy.

Our Services