Because we're primarily a ghostwriting service, we can't share the names of our clients or the work we've done for them. We can, however, share some of the wonderful things they've anonymously said about working with us, as well as some of Deb's published articles.

"Deb is amazing! In one 2-hour phone call, she helped me figure out what was missing in my brand messaging. I've been so confused about how to make my website copy and my blog content make sense for what I'm trying to do with my brand and she asked me questions about things I'd never thought of. She came up with categories for my blog that made it all make sense. It was one of those, "Why didn't I think of that?!" moments. She's got all my writing on track and ready to drive my business forward. In fact, she's so good I'm hiring her to write all of my blog posts."

Content Strategy Consultation + Ghostblogging Client

"You know how hard it is to find the words to adequately and accurately describe your passion? Deb Mitchell has this gift for listening closely while you go on and on and then responding with a sweet little summary that perfectly illustrates your story. She makes you say, ‘Yes! That’s it! That’s me! How did you know? Will you please be my best friend?’ Time with Deb soothes your soul and makes you feel known and understood. Your work, your art, your story...they make the world a more beautiful place. They matter. So you need Deb Mitchell, because every world changer needs a good story teller."

Marketing Consultation Client

Testimonial Image 2.png

"Since I've worked with Deb, I've been asked to write guest posts on other design blogs and I get great feedback about my posts."

Ghostblogging Client

Testimonial Image 5.png

"I hired Deb to write my website for me. I thought we'd just talk about my background and my design services a little bit, but she asked me questions that helped me realize I'm not like a lot of other designers. It got me thinking in a whole new way about my business and my clients and made me realize the kind of problems I really want to help my clients solve. She wrote my website to attract that kind of business and now I'm loving my work more than ever."

Website Copy Client

Testimonial Image 3.png

"Deb is a pleasure to work with. It can be lonely to run a small design business, but Deb makes me feel like I have someone on my side who cares about my business almost as much as I do. My husband cares, but he doesn't understand the industry like she does. I messaged her first when I found out I'd been nominated for a local design award and we 'celebrated' by text. I love knowing I can call on her to write up whatever I need, whether it's an awards entry or a showhouse catalog description."

Website Copy + Special Projects Client